DPI Advisory Committee

The DPI advisory committee is composed of the following members:

Bret Weiss, President & CEO, WSB & Associates, Inc.

Brian Weisker*, SVP & COO, Natural Gas Business Unit, Duke Energy Corporation

Cheryl Campbell, Independent Director, TC Energy – Committee Co-Chair

Jerrod Henschel, President & CEO, Equix Inc.

Joe Forline, Senior Vice President, Gas Operations, PG&E

Josh Hinrichs*, President, UtiliSource – Committee Co-Chair

Kevin Hopper*, Executive Director, UDigNY

Kevin Miller, Senior Advisor, Miller Pipeline

Mary Palkovich*, Energy Industry Consultant

Mike Kemper, Executive Vice President, Quanta Services

Rob Locke, Vice President Distribution Operations, Dominion Energy

Tracy Townsend, VP of Construction, Compliance & Safety, Washington Gas

* CGA board members