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New to the DPI? Start here.

Steps to DPI Accreditation

Step 1: Become a CGA member (Once you have created your account, make sure to hit "join now" to process your membership.)  

Step 2: Complete the enrollment form

Step 3: Once the enrollment form is complete and signed you will get a checklist to set up your DPI DIRT account. This is the damage reporting tool.

Current CGA Members

If you are already a Common Ground Alliance Member and are interested in participating in the Damage Prevention Institute, please complete the DPI enrollment form to confirm your profile information and affirm your leadership commitment to DPI accreditation policies.

Already Submitted Enrollment Form

If your organization has already submitted your enrollment form, please bear with us as we onboard you into the DPI. Our goal is to get you through this process within two weeks. You can confirm your company's accreditation status here. This page is updated each Friday afternoon with changes that occurred throughout the week.  Once registered, DPI participants will use DPI DIRT to submit damage data and metrics. Find more information about data reporting here.

Accreditation Requirements

Accreditation requirements are currently underdevelopment for the 2024 year. The DPI is member driven, and we are working with multiple organizations on how best to measure performance for all stakeholder groups.  If you have feedback regarding metrics, please reach out to [email protected].

Facility owners/operators must also enroll in the DPI and become accredited in order to participate; please complete the enrollment form if you have not already.

Entering Monthly Data

Contractors/Excavators are currently entering metrics and damage data. Facility Owner Operators and Locators should be entering monthly damages. Metrics are a work in progress for these stakeholder categories and will be rolled out within 2024. We will communicate with these stakeholder groups about the change in data reporting. 

Please read through the FAQs on this website and please contact us with questions. Welcome to the Common Ground Alliance and we look forward to building the Damage Prevention Institute with you.

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