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Shared Responsibility in Data Benchmarking

Through commitment to shared responsibility we can reduce excavation damages to underground facilities.

About the Damage Prevention Institute

The Damage Prevention Institute’s mission is to take the industry to the next level by consolidating the rich data and resources of CGA to generate powerful insights and efficiencies that will reduce the rate of damages to buried infrastructure. 

The Damage Prevention Institute’s mission builds on the industry-leading insights of CGA’s Next Practices Initiative and utilizing a stakeholder-centered approach to develop performance metrics that reflect adherence to Best Practices and commitment to improving the reliability of the U.S. damage prevention system for everyone involved.

Peer Review Model

The goal of DPI’s peer review model is for committed damage prevention participants to share key successes and challenges in reducing dig-ins to buried infrastructure among organizations with similar profiles, and to collaborate on industry benchmarking and systemic improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the CGA Damage Prevention Institute? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about the DPI transition, participation, data, and more.


Participation in the Damage Prevention Institute is voluntary for CGA members at no additional cost. CGA membership is required for DPI participants as a component of demonstrating commitment to advancing safety.

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