Accredited Organizations

This page is updated every Friday afternoon by 5 p.m. ET.

Status Legend:

Active - These organizations are compliant with all DPI requirements.

In Process - DPI enrollment form has been recently submitted. These are new applicants that are working through the process to become accredited. 

Inactive/At Risk - These companies have either started (but not finished) the process to become accredited more than two weeks ago; or were accredited but have lapsed for more than 30 days on one of the steps to maintain accreditation. This could be an unsigned DocuSign, unpaid invoice, and/or monthly data not submitted to DPI DIRT. If you have further questions about why your company is inactive/at risk, please email [email protected].

Not Accredited - These companies started and/or completed the process to become DPI Accredited but have failed to complete and/or maintain compliance. These companies went through a grace period to become compliant and did not meet DPI Accreditation standards.   They can return to “Active” status if they fulfill missing accreditation criteria.