Accredited Organizations

This page is updated every Friday afternoon by 5 p.m. ET.

Status Legend:

Active – These organizations are compliant with all DPI requirements.

In Process – DPI enrollment form has been recently submitted. These are new applicants that are working through the process to become accredited. 

Inactive/At Risk - These companies have either started (but not finished) the process to become accredited more than two weeks ago; or were accredited but have lapsed for more than 30 days on one of the steps to maintain accreditation. This could be an unsigned DocuSign, unpaid invoice, and/or monthly data not submitted to DPI DIRT. If you have further questions about why your company is inactive/at risk, please email

Not Accredited - These companies started and/or completed the process to become DPI Accredited but have failed to complete and /or maintain compliance. These companies went through a grace period to become compliant and did not meet DPI Accreditation standards.   They can return to “Active” status if they fulfill missing accreditation criteria.

If you were a Gold Shovel member in good standing as of Jan. 3, 2023, but have not completed the DPI enrollment form, your organization will not be listed in the table below and is not currently accredited. Please act now and complete the DPI enrollment form.