Summer Summit Preview: Focusing on Excavator Behavior in the Tolerance Zone

Summer Summit Preview: Focusing on Excavator Behavior in the Tolerance Zone

The CGA Summer Committee Summit is fast approaching! We invite you to join us July 22-25 in Nashville for working committee meetings, roundtable discussions, networking opportunities and information sessions. If you would like to join us this summer, you can register for the Summit here, or find more information here. The Summer Summit will focus on excavator practices in the field causing damages to buried utilities, including failure to pothole and maintaining clearance.


Below we have included a quick snapshot of some of the discussions we will have in our committee meetings:

Best Practices Committee: The Best Practices Committee will review several proposed modifications to the Best Practices, receive updates from all of the task teams and working groups, and focus on practices that may need to be updated pertaining to our Summit theme (excavator practices in the field).

DPI Advisory Committee: The DPI Advisory Committee will focus on current and future DPI data collection and analysis as well as participant recruitment and retention.

CGA Conference & Expo Advisory Committee: The Conference Advisory Panel will review 2024 survey results and attendee demographic information to lay the foundation for the 2025 CGA Conference and Expo. CGA will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in conjunction with the Conference April 7-10, 2025, at the Marriott Orlando World Center.  Please visit for more information.

Technology Committee: The Technology Committee will receive updates from its Case Studies and Webinars task teams, and discuss how existing technologies can reduce excavation-related damages caused by failure to pothole and maintain clearance.

Data Reporting & Evaluation Committee: The Data Reporting & Evaluation Committee will discuss the 2023 DIRT Report, DIRT technology upgrades, the CGA Index, and DIRT Dashboard updates, and will have a root cause flow chart discussion.

DPI Metrics Committee: The DPI Metrics Committee will discuss future metrics to measure DPI participants in all stakeholder categories.

Educational Programs Committee: The Educational Programs & Marketing Committee will hear updates about the online excavator education curriculum and the committee’s active task teams, along with discussing the latest 8/11 Day campaign materials, PSAs and influencer campaigns.

One Call Systems International Committee: The OCSI Committee will discuss its upcoming excavator email campaign and spend time focusing on the different data collection projects its task teams are developing.

Regional Partners Committee: While the Regional Partners Committee will not be meeting at the Summit, Tennessee 811 will provide an overview of its local Regional Partner group during one of our general sessions.


Welcome to our new DPI Participants!

May and June 2024:

  • Dirt Dynasty, Inc.
  • Underground Pipeline Services
  • Midstate Communication Contractors Inc.
  • 1155 Infrastructure Solutions
  • GAC Enterprises
  • City of Tallahassee
  • Mashburn Transportation Services Inc.
  • K2 Industrial
  • NRC Environmental Services Inc