How Participation Works

Participation in the Damage Prevention Institute is voluntary for CGA members at no additional cost. CGA membership is required for DPI participants as a component of demonstrating commitment to advancing safety.

Participating in the DPI translates into seeking DPI accreditation and fulfilling data submission and peer review responsibilities. While some stakeholders may choose to require those they contract with to participate in the DPI, CGA will not require participation of any organization.

CGA Membership

CGA Membership Rates

Type of MembershipAnnual DuesNumber of Individuals Included
Government / Municipality$1,0004
Small Business (less than 10 employees)$1,0004

Benefits of Membership

  • Influence the work being done by CGA committees (Including Data Reporting & Evaluation, Educational Programs & Marketing, Best Practices, DPI Metrics, and Technology)
  • Ensure your stakeholder group is well represented
  • Demonstrate your commitment to damage prevention
  • Gain exposure to new and emerging damage prevention technologies
  • Access CGA materials, reports, and program information exclusive to association members
  • Benefit from member pricing on CGA  publications and events

How to Participate


Be a CGA Member. 

CGA membership is open to all damage prevention stakeholders dedicated to reducing damages to critical underground infrastructure. Participation in the DPI is included with your CGA membership. Several membership levels are available for corporations, associations, government entities, municipalities and small businesses.


Complete the DPI enrollment form.

The enrollment form requests profile information and a leadership commitment to the DPI for:

  • Damage reporting
  • Metrics reporting
  • Whistleblower and stop-work authority
  • Investigation and corrective action
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Implementation of applicable CGA Best Practices


Submit damage data to the DPI Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT).

  • DPI-accredited organizations enter their damage data and monthly metrics in a specific version of DIRT called the DPI DIRT.
  • To ensure that you register for the correct version of DIRT, please use the DPI DIRT registration link that you will receive via email.
  • The DPI DIRT Field Form indicates the data that will be collected and can be used in the field.

Supporting Solution Provider

CGA is pleased to announce an exclusive, invite-only opportunity for members dedicated to damage prevention. Don’t miss the chance to add exceptional exposure and engagement with CGA’s Damage Prevention Institute.

Who can participate in the DPI?

All DPI participants must be members of the CGA. There is no additional cost to participate in the DPI for current CGA members.

Participation in the DPI is voluntary for CGA members. While some stakeholders may choose to require those they contract with to participate in the DPI, CGA will not require participation of any organization.

There will be two types of participation in the DPI, measured and non-measured. Measured participants will primarily be from three stakeholder groups: locators, facility owner/operators, and excavators. Non-measured participants include 811 Centers (One Call Centers), and Engineering/Design/Other. DPI participants can register as members of more than one stakeholder group (e.g., a facility owner/operator can register as an excavator and/or a locator if those services are in-house).

How much does it cost to participate in the DPI?

There is no additional cost to participate in the DPI for CGA members. CGA membership dues cover the cost of participation.

What are the requirements for participation in the DPI?

All DPI participants must:

  • Be a current CGA member (yearly)
  • Complete the DPI Enrollment Form (yearly)
  • Sign a leadership Committment to Damage Prevention (yearly)
  • Submit complete and accurate damage data (monthly)
  • Agree to participate in the peer review process (cyclically every 5 years)

For more information on participation, click here.