DPI Year in Review

The Damage Prevention Institute (DPI) is approaching its one year anniversary. We have been working throughout 2023 to develop the structure of the DPI and to ensure participants have a pathway to success. With that, here are some highlights from 2023, and some things to look forward to in 2024.

2023 DPI Highlights

  • Launched the DPI on Jan. 1, 2023
  • Accredited more than 1,000 organizations
  • Onboarded and accredited more than 100 companies who are new to CGA
  • Established process that supports participant adherence to DPI accreditation requirements
  • Produced monthly metric stats for excavators, available on DIRT
  • Supported participating organizations with training on DIRT and data sharing
  • Developed and finalized facility owner/operator metrics with the engagement of an active DPI Metrics Sub-Committee, to be implemented in 2024
  • Drafted Locator Metrics with DPI Metrics Sub-Committee, to be finalized in 2024
  • Began our Peer Review Pilot Program which will wrap up in early 2024
  • Supported release of the CGA 2023 Telecom White Paper
  • Focused the DPI on supporting CGA’s 50-in-5 initiative

Looking ahead to 2024 with the DPI

  • Launching a pilot of the DPI peer review process in early 2024, and presenting pilot results at the CGA Conference and Expo
  • Launching the full DPI peer review process after completion of the pilot
  • Releasing business insights and dashboards in DIRT for DPI participants, including metrics transparency
  • Implementation of single sign on capability to easily access both the DIRT and CGA membership portal with one account
  • Updating the DIRT user interface for an improved user experience
  • Releasing mobile friendly and intuitive DIRT Individual Event and Near Miss Forms with help features
  • Targeting growth in DPI participation to support CGA’s 50-in-5 goal

If you have any feedback regarding CGA or the DPI, please reach out to dpi@commongroundalliance.com. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us as we develop updates to our system to create better user experiences.  The DPI is ours to build together.

Please view our most current list of accredited organizations here.

Welcome to our new DPI participants!

October and November 2023:

  • Ace Backhoe Company Inc.
  • Argonaut Constructors
  • Brightview Landscape
  • City of Ellensburg Gas Division
  • D&S Backhoe Service Inc.
  • Danella Construction of NY, Inc.
  • Dudek
  • Eastmont Builders
  • Emerald Landscape
  • Evolv Commercial Construction Inc.
  • Fairway Electric Inc.
  • Family Tree Service, Inc.
  • Green Options Electric
  • JR Nation Electric Inc.
  • Klines Plumbing
  • Loggers Unlimited Inc.
  • M. M. Miller Brothers Excavating, Inc.
  • Macano Tech LLC
  • Martinez Group LLC
  • Munsch Excavation Inc.
  • Parker-Stockstill Construction Inc.
  • Persson Inc, dba California Paving Company
  • RCD Concrete Inc.
  • Turner & Turner Electric, Inc.
  • Verizon Communications
  • Well Industries, Inc.